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For Love Outreach

For Love Outreach (FLO) was launched over 20 years ago. Jesus is the center and the heart of everything we do. All of our outreach efforts are based in LOVE. From outreach programs in our local communities to internationally based outreach in several countries, our goal is the same: GIVE and SHARE the LOVE of JESUS! We accomplish this by feeding, clothing, educating, spiritually uplifting, and sharing with children and families of all races whose needs are great and resources are few. Our greatest joy comes from knowing that someone's life is improved not simply because we cared, but because we demonstrated LOVE consistent with the word of God. In so doing, we help those seeking spiritual healing and enlightenment find the path to God who is the higher power. In doing this, we help those seeking spiritual healing, deliverance and enlightenment find the path to a relationship with Jesus, Our Lord and Savior, and God Our Father.  Our support is growing and we invite you to come FLO with us!

Photo of people wearing colorful coats with their hands around each other at Sistersof the Son


We provide food, clothing and other essentials to people who need them. We help those seeking spiritual healing, deliverance and enlightenment find the path to a relationship with Jesus and to God, Our Father. Our faith-based outreach serves people in need regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or religion. Fulfilling God's call on our lives to positively impact others matters to us.

Our support is growing. With this growth, we've been able to accomplish more and have a greater impact on our community. We welcome you with open arms.

Nationwide Outreach

Washington DC: Children of Promise

Local Partners:

Partners here

We acknowledge the leadership of Ms. Sandra Bears (former Ms. Senior DC 2009) and Ms. TO BE DETERMINED for their consistent, persistent, unwavering commitment to these children and families year after year.

The Children of Promise is a Washington DC based program that focuses on children and families with adverse living situations. This organization brings hope and real resources to parents, grandparents, caregivers and all others serving children in need. We have received much joy through our sharing and giving to this organization for over 12 years. It is the highlight of our For LOVE Outreach in the national capital area. Recently, we supported children and families at nearly twice our normal giving levels. Even so, much more should be done.

Check out all our national partners here!


International Outreach


Local Partners:



Local Partners:


This is our newest partnership (begun in 2021) and we are excited about establishing this relationship. In the summer of 2021, Pastor Michael Martey returned to Ghana and was tasked with allowing the Holy Spirit to lead him in identifying a great partner for us in Ghana. He introduced us to Pastor/Evangelist Israel Gaipka of Winsouls Ministries located in Kwaekese (Afram Plains) Ghana. His zeal for kingdom work made this ministry an ideal partner for us. To date we have already provided funding to support children, church infrastructure and their building project. In December 2021 Minister Nana Noi visited Ghana and met with Pastor Israel Gaipka to reaffirm our new partnership with him and WinSouls Ministry. Welcome!


Local Partners:


In 2014 we were blessed to meet and establish a partnership with the Tower of Victory Ministry in Surelere, Nigeria. Over the years they have become family and God has allowed us to sow into each others lives and ministry. This is a ministry on fire for God and serving as an example for others. Our outreach efforts have included providing clothing, food, and other necessities for children and families. Additionally we provide support for church, educational initiatives evangelistic services to share Jesus with their community.


Local Partners:


In several villages in Cambodia we help to support families and children of lesser means. We are blessed to have several partners whose strong desire is to educate and win souls for Jesus Christ. Our partners serve as Pastors, Youth and Kids Ministry Leaders, and Evangelists. By utilizing the cell group model they are traversing communities to evangelize and share Jesus with others. Recently we were able to complete a church building project there and support building a new school. Though we speak different languages, our partnership demonstrates that LOVE truly is universal.


Local Partners:


These Pastors and leaders are our Sons and Daughters with whole Hearts sold out for Jesus.

In regions of Cuba, we assist in providing basic needs and support to children and families.  Church infrastructure needs, housing supports, and evangelistic tools to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ are made available.

Puerto Rico

Local Partners:


With all of the devastation that Hurricane Maria brought to Puerto Rico in 2017, the region and its people are still experiencing its effect and extreme poverty. Each Puerto Rican individual, child, teenager, senior, and family impacted deserves a level of outreach and support we would expect for our own children and families. To that end, Sisters of the Son Ministries tasked a For Love Outreach team with developing partnerships with areas of great need.

We have been able to serve in two of the poorest communities by distributing food, water, clothing, household supplies, and other desperately needed items. Our efforts are focused in the communities of Caguas and Naguabo, both rural regions of approximately 140,000 and 30,000 people respectively with many seniors and children. In these communities, families struggle with poverty every day and are further exacerbated by the lack of power, water, food, and resulting damage from hurricanes and tropical storms. I’m talking about real people like you and I. These communities feel forgotten. . . . forsaken. . . . hopeless... That's where we step in to help and love.

Get involved

That’s where you come in. You can give. You can help. You can impact. The needs are great. The resources are few. And, there isn’t anything too small to be appreciated. Just imagine, a few team members, a few targeted days, a few committed sponsors like you can pack a HUGE IMPACT. Will you help?